Getting Training to Support Your DAR-56 8130-3 Tag Privileges

Still haven’t started applying for the DAR 56 program?  This is the program that allows employees of accredited distributors to issue 8130-3 tags for parts that meet certain FAA-defined airworthiness criteria.  If you are having trouble getting started, then the best way to start is to take the FAA’s online DAR course about how to issue an 8130-3 tag.

We’ve previously published the details about how to apply for the program.  ASA member Jay Rosenberg has provided us with detailed instructions on navigating the FAA’s 8130-3 training class.  Jay is the Director of Operations and Quality for United Aerospace Corp.  He also served as the Chairman of the ASA Quality Assurance Committee and as an ASA Board member.  Here are his guidelines:

I mentioned that I would send you some instructions on clarifying the registering process for the DAR-56 online training site.

  1. You need to setup an account profile:
  1. After enrolling you need to sign in and choose the course (“Issuance of 8130-3 for Domestic and Export Approvals of Engines, Propellers & Articles Only”)
  1. Pay for the course ($100.00)
  1. After enrolling and choosing the course you will see a page with your course enrollments which show two courses. One is on the DMS system and the other one is about 8130-3 for domestic and export.
  1. When you click the schedule tab you have to go thru a few pages and choose the right course:
    1. Designee and Delegated Organization training
      1. Designated Airworthiness Representatives
        1. Issuance of 8130-3 for Domestic and Export Approvals of Engines, Propellers & Articles Only

    After doing all this then you get to web link:

  1. After reading all the material you will be required to take an exam.

You only have only one shot at it to pass…!

If you pass the certificate will be listed on your enrollment screen to download.

We’ve heard from a number of members that one problem is that the DAR-56 program only supports a small number of the parts that need 8130-3 tags, and that most of the parts that now need the tags are not eligible under the program.  That may be true, but it is not a reason to eschew the program.  A partial solution is better than no solution – and ASA is working with the FAA on other partial solutions to try to better resolve the issues facing the industry.

Remember – there is only a limited time to take advantage of this program, so you need to get each of your eligible employees qualified as soon as possible in order to get the maximum benefit from the program.  The first step to that DAR-56 qualification is to get the eligible employees trained!

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