Networking With the Chinese Air Carrier and MRO Community

With all of the rhetoric between US President Trump and Chinese President Xi, it is easy to forget that China is still “open for business.”  China still poses fascinating long-term business opportunities for the aviation community.

Shanghai, during the 2016 Aviation Parts Management Forum

Shanghai, during the 2016 Aviation Parts Management Forum

I have found that one of the best conferences for meeting Chinese air carriers and MROs is the Aviation Parts Management Forum. They have a history of getting all of the large MROs and air carriers, and a significant representation of the smaller ones as well.  If you want to sell aerospace articles or services into the Chinese market, I can think of no better conference at which to meet your Chinese customers.

The 2019 Forum will be held on March 28-29 in Xiamen, China.  A year ago, CNN’s Travel Section called Xiamen “China’s new capital of cool.”

The forum sponsor (Oppland) will soon be publishing their agenda for the 2019 Aviation Parts Management Forum, but for now a preliminary agenda is available on the website.

To get in touch with the organizers directly, send an email to Echo Sun at, or call her at +86 1356 463 7605.

ASA in China

Next week, ASA will present at the 2016 China Aviation & MRO/Aftermarket Conference.  We will be discussing the value that AC 00-56B brings to air carriers and MROs, and explaining how Chinese air carriers can use the FAA’s accreditation database to identify foreign aircraft parts distributors with effective quality assurance systems.

We will also participate on a panel discussing how to “Improve the Information Sharing Level of Air-material Supply Chain and Optimize the Inventory Management Mode.”

According to the organizers’ website, they expect the attendance of 26 airlines from China and surrounding nations.  This should be a great opportunity for ASA members to network and build business relationships in China.

If you haven’t yet registered, and you do business (or want to do business) in China, then now is the time to register!


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