SUP Program Guidance Revision Comment Window Closing Soon

Earlier this year the FAA released Draft FAA Order  8120.16A – Suspected Unapproved Parts Program intended to replace the previous SUP program guidance, Order 8120.16 – Processing Reports of Suspected Unapproved Parts.  ASA is reviewing the draft to determine if the revised guidance may have an affect on ASA members.

The primary changes made by the draft Order include transferring policy responsibility for the SUP program from AFS-300 to AIR-100, and clarifying the responsibility for initiating, investigating, and closing a SUP case.  Other minor changes include changing the title of the Order, moving definitions to an appendix, removing definitions that are already defined by the FAA regulations, and moving the “Objectives and Responsibilities” section to its own chapter.

ASA members are encouraged to review the draft Order to make sure there are no surprises or inadvertent changes that might adversely affect member companies or the SUP program.  Comments are due August 17, 2015, so we encourage anyone who identifies noteworthy issues to contact us quickly so we can file comments and work with the FAA to address your concerns.

Email your comments to Ryan Aggergaard at


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