ASA Participates in the 2015 Aerospace Maintenance Competition

ASA sponsored an event at the 2015 Aerospace Maintenance Competition in Miami Florida.

2015-04-14 Aerospace Maintenance Competition

The 2015 Aerospace Maintenance Competition featured 200 competitors from 40 different Air Carriers, Military Units and Schools

The Aerospace Maintenance Competition is an annual event that brings together 5-person teams from A&P schools, air carriers, MROs and military units to demonstrate their maintenance proficiency. They go through a series of stations, each of which features a maintenance-related task that must be accomplished rapidly. The times for each station are added to get a final score for the entire competition.

This year’s event was held in the hall of the Aviation Week MRO Conference under the guidance and leadership of Ken MacTiernan, George Miller and the Honorable John Goglia (yes, that’s John’s title – not just a description of his personality).

The ASA event presented each competitor with a set of 15 8130-3 tags.  Some of them were correctly completed, but many of them were flawed.  Competitors were required to distinguish the correct forms from the unacceptable ones, and then to identify the specific flaws in each of the unacceptable forms.  ASA staff served as event proctors and judges.

2015-04-15 Competitors at the Aerospace Maintenance Competition I

George Ringger proctors the ASA event as students diligently study their 8130-3 tags.

This was a great opportunity to remind students and professionals of the importance of being able to read an 8130-3 tag and to recognize when that documentation reveals a flaw.  Everyone gained a better appreciation for the nuances of 8130-3 tags.

Other events at the competition included an engine maintenance event sponsored by FedEx and performed on a real JT8D engine.  PPG had life-size mock-ups of a cockpit and a wing section for their sealant event.  Spacetec had competitors don space suits to simulate a lunar environment.  ASA member Aventure sponsored a safety wire event.

All of the teams were impressive, but for ASA, the most impressive was the Air China team.  The ASA-event was riddled with difficult and esoteric issues, but the Air China team pulled in front of the competition with a near-perfect score.  ASA presented each member of that team with a $50 snap-on tool gift card during the awards ceremony.

Sounds exciting?  Want to get involved further?  ASA is looking forward to participating again next year and we are already talking about ideas for next year’s event.  We plan to discuss some ideas with members at the ASA Conference on June 7-9; but there’s no need to wait until then to share your own ideas.  We’d love to know your ideas – please email us if you have some ideas about the 2016 event.

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